Tick-Tock-Stock! Entatech launches Dutch auction e-commerce microsite

Tick-Stock StockEntatech UK Ltd has announced the launch of Tick-Tock Stock, as part of the newly updated e-commerce store, which will offer resellers a wide range of products at reducing pricing, in the style of a Dutch auction.

Every day Entatech will be adding a whole host of fantastic products to the Tick-Tock Stock store at below distribution costs. Resellers will have a limited time to buy the products at the reduced rates, as prices will fluctuate day-to-day and each offer will have limited stock available. What’s more, all products will be current editions, meaning resellers can replenish their stock with decreased costs.

Dave Stevinson, Managing Director at Entatech, commented: “We have invested heavily in our enterprise systems throughout 2015 and 2016. The culmination of our efforts is that our digital platform is capable of delivering highly targeted and focussed business apps for our vendor and reseller partners.”

He continued: “Tick-Tock Stock is an innovative solution that enables the long tail of aged and obsolete inventory to auto depreciate daily, meaning that fast and agile resellers will be able to get some great bargains.”

To support this new e-commerce venture, Entatech have enabled a dedicated Tick-Tock Stock dashboard onto each reseller’s online account on Entaonline.com. This will allow users to add items to a dedicated Watch List, monitor progress in terms of stock and current pricing, and seamlessly add items into their baskets. Entatech will also be keeping customers up to date with price changes throughout the week with personalised bespoke email campaigns to customers to ensure they don’t miss coveted items.

Stock will be limited so resellers are urged to act quick as when it’s gone, it’s gone!

To view the Tick-Tock Stock range, click here.